Cosesy Privacy Policy and Terms for More Smart service, version 1.0.4 , 01-12-2023

Cosesy Privacy Policy and Terms for the service More Smart

As a subscriber (you) to the Cosesy “More Smart” service, more data is collected to work with other smart home platforms of your choosing, and to present graphs, calculations and historical data to you. This document lists the additions to the general privacy policy, found at

More Smart additions to Cosesy Privacy Policy

As Cosesy (we) must integrate with other smart home technologies and platforms to provide you with the More Smart service, then we must also collect more data to share with third parties.  

By accepting these conditions, you consent to Cosesy integration with such third parties.  

Cosesy will collect data for you and deliver it to third parties pointed to by you. The agreements you have made with these other third parties (e.g. when you sign up to a smart home platform) is not known to Cosesy. What happens with the data after Cosesy has delivered it to such third parties, is between you and the third party only. This applies to the following third parties:

As stated in our Cosesy Privacy Policy, then you may withdraw your consents at any time and Cosesy can delete relevant data in the reach of Cosesy. To delete data at the third parties of your choosing, then you are free to contact them without informing Cosesy.

If you voluntarily enter phone numbers for mobile notifications, then Cosesy has to share these numbers with third party providers of such messaging services. This applies to the following third parties:

Other additions

There are no additions to the Cosesy Terms document with relevance to More Smart subscribers.