Cosesy apps - How to remove data.

This description applies to Hubs and Apps from Cosesy:

  • Cavius Alarm
  • HomeComm
  • Snoos and IP Alarm

Deletion of your account will remove your email in case you have entered it inside the app, which is optional. It will also delete our records of your phone beeing connected to a Hub (hardware) and all other privacy data as documented in the Privacy policy »

Once your account is deleted, then you cannot regain access to the Hub (hardware) unless you ask another user that may still be using it. You are welcome to contact in case you are in doubt.

Method 1: Delete via app

You can delete your account to remove data personal to you with a few clicks in the app. Here are the steps you have to follow (read further down, in case you would like us to do it for you)

  1. Recovery emails (are optional, and only used to recover hubs without contacting support)
    • In case you have added your email as the recovery contact for the hub, then please remove it like this.
    • App Menu->Details->Hub settings
    • Clear the Email (then you will not be able to recover access to the hub anymore without support)
  2. Remove your phone access to the Hub (delete your data)
    • Open the app and the users menu: Menu->Details->Users
    • In case you have added your email to receive notifications, then delete it
    • Delete yourself (or someone you want to delete) from the list.
  3. Done: you have removed the user information from the hub and your email and phone access is also removed.

Method 2: Get Cosesy to do it for you

If you would like us to delete your account information for you, then give us an email

  1. Send an email to the address below:
    • Await our staff to reply back to you with a few questions to verify your account